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NOVELS:  Palindrome Hannah  |  Phoenix Rose  |  Psychotropic Dragon  (coming soon)

COLLECTIONS:  Scales and Petals  |  Inkblots and Blood Spots  (coming soon)

ANTHOLOGIES:  Pellucid Lunacy  |  Chiral Mad


Welcome to Written Backwards! This is also the official website of nonlinear horror novelist Michael Bailey. Please visit often, as this site is updated [somewhat] frequently. Click the book links above for information, artwork and previews for current titles. Copies can be purchased by clicking the book images on the subsequent pages, which will take you to the appropriate locations. Have you read some of the titles listed and want to post a review for the world to see? Feel free to post your thoughts on Questions and/or comments should be directed to the e-mail link at the left of this page.

The official book trailer for Chiral Mad:

Psychotropic Dragon, a novel, is progressing nicely. Here’s some teaser art:

The official book trailer for Palindrome Hannah, a short film by John Palisano, is now available. Just over four minutes in length, this live-action short film captures some of the most memorable scenes from Palindrome Hannah. Click here to check it out. Send your comments to the email address listed on the left side of this page.

Palindrome Hannah was named as an award finalist for the Independent Publisher Book Awards. Phoenix Rose was named as an award finalist for the International Book Awards for horror fiction, and was recently listed for the National Best Book Awards. Scales and Petals won the International Book Award for their short fiction category, and Pellucid Lunacy won the same award for anthologies. Scales and Petals and Pellucid Lunacy both won the USA News “Best Books” Award!

Follow me online at If you’re one of those myspace people, you can follow me at, but be forewarned, I rarely go there because I hate myspace. Twitter? You can click the dragon on the top left at any time if you get lost. Doing so will take you back to this main page.




08.21.12:  Chiral Mad is one step closer to completion. The official Table of Contents is announced and can be found on the Chiral Mad page.


07.24.12:  The official teaser book trailer for Chiral Mad is now available! Click, here, or look for the image on this page, or on the Chiral Mad page.


06.27.12:  Psychotropic Dragon is nearing completion!


04.28.12:  Details for Chiral Mad, the second anthology by Written Backwards, announced on the main title page.


04.27.12:  “Scrub” was accepted into the Uncommon Assassins anthology, and “The Mascot” was accepted into an untitled jackalope anthology.

For the entire month of April 2012, all Kindle versions of Written Backwards titles are on sale for $0.99. Print editions are also reduced: novels at $15; collections at $10.


02.23.12:  Coulrophobic” was accepted into the Here Be Clowns anthology. Also, don’t forget to pick up your copy of Zippered Flesh, now available from Smart Rhino. The Publications link is also updated to reflect published works and links to where you can purchase.


02.18.12:  “It Tears Away” made it on the preliminary ballot of the Bram Stoker Awards for short fiction! Unfortunately, it didn’t make the final ballot, but making the preliminary ballot is an honor.


12.31.11:  The official book trailer for Palindrome Hannah, a short film by John Palisano, is now available here.


11.11.11:  Michael will be at AnthoCon 2011 for the weekend to promote all 4 current titles. His cover artwork is also featured in the juried art exhibit, and he will be on one of the discussion panels discussing the importance of art in fiction.


11.01.11:  Scales and Petals, as well as Pellucid Lunacy won the USA News “Best Books” Award!


09.04.11:  Two poems: “Open Auras” was accepted in the “Poe-it” anthology, and “All but the Things that cannot be Torn” was accepted in the magazine “Tales of Blood and Roses.”


08.18.11:  New artwork for the re-release of Palindrome Hannah was added to the PH page. Written Backwards will appear as a sponsor at the AnthoCon this November in New Hampshire. Look for the Written Backwards table, featuring the promotion of Palindrome Hannah, as well as all of his other books. Feel free to hang around with Michael that weekend for some signings and good times. And look for free copies of Pellucid Lunacy in the event swag bags!


07.19.11:  New short story publications announced. “It Tears Away” will appear in the anthology The Shadow of the Unknown; “Unstitched Love” in Something Wicked Issue #11; “Bootstrap / The Binds of Lasolastica” in the anthology Zippered Flesh; and “Hiatus” in the anthology Surviving the End.


06.01.11:  See my interview in the March 2011 issue of Suspense Magazine; and another issue in Something Wicked Issue #11.


05.24.11:  A publications link was added to the left menu to provide a summary of published works, as well as links to where you can find Michael’s work.


05.19.11:  NETTIRW.COM goes live! A new dragon logo was added to the site, as well as links for Psychotropic Dragon and Inkblots and Blood Spots, both of which are in the works. Books are now broken down by type: novels, collections, anthologies. This site will eventually transition from to, with the old sites redirecting here.


05.11.11:  Phoenix Rose was announced as an award finalist for the International Book Awards for horror fiction. Scales and Petals won for the short fiction category, and Pellucid Lunacy won for anthologies.


04.20.11:  A cover was designed for the next short story and poetry collection, Inkblots and Blood Spots, coming soon.


10.27.10: and now redirect here.


10.21.10:  Pellucid Lunacy is now available for purchase on for $13.00.


07.18.10:  The official line-up for Pellucid Lunacy has been announced. Please see the Pellucid Lunacy link for full details.


04.05.10: Scales and Petals is now available for purchase on for the low price of $13.00. The “Scales and Petals” page is also updated.


03.02.10: A new link was added for Pellucid Lunacy. Information for this anthology is available on


03.01.10: I will be editing a new anthology of psychological horror titled Pellucid Lunacy, tentatively scheduled for October 2010. Click here for submission guidelines.


02.23.10: The v.2 site is now operational. Mind the mess during construction. Previous content will be integrated as this site progresses. Watch for more content to appear on the left side of this page. Hopefully the entire site is self-explanatory and easy to navigate. I’m going for a more basic approach with this release. If you ever get lost, follow the white dragon.


02.22.10: Scales and Petals is in the final proofing stages. Cover artwork is finalized, so after some last minute proofreading and reader feedback, it’s off to the presses. Click the “scales and petals” link on the center of this page for more information. The collection will include 13 short stories and 13 poems. Cover price is $13.00.